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J. Scott IversonOut­side work, I hang around with a bunch of guys who call our­selves "Ras­cals and Gee­zers."  All of us, in one way or an­other, come from the world of broad­cast tele­vision (noted for its pleth­ora of the former).  At this point in life, how­ever, I'm afraid that the scales have tipped consi­derably a­way from our Ras­cal-izing and toward the Gee­zer side of the equa­tion: kind of like broad­cast tele­vision it­self, more's the pity.

More or less to­gether, we've watched the years go by with their inevi­table changes.  When we got into the busi­ness, most news stor­ies were ed­ited on op­tical film and played on-air via some­thing called a "film chain," which was a station­ary video cam­era fo­cused into a multi­plex of pro­jectors that pro­jected images onto a set of mir­rors and into the video cam­era.  Most video was recor­ded on video­tape that was two inches wide.  A one-hour reel of two-inch video­tape weighed a ton - even to us Young Bucks.  Today, of course, the con­cept of drag­ging a piece of tape over a rota­ting recor­ding or play­back "head" to create or dis­play a moving pic­ture seems quaint at the very least.

SLCC Sets Date for Inauguration of Eighth President

SLCC President Deneece G. Huftalin has worked at the college for more than two decades and will be formally installed in January.Salt Lake Community College President Deneece G. Huftalin

Salt Lake Community College President Deneece G. Huftalin

SLCC Awards Artists at President’s Art Show

Juried art exhibition at Salt Lake Community College features more than 100 works from amateur and professional artists in a variety of mediums.

Salt Lake Community College held its annual President’s Art Show opening reception Friday at the Center for Arts and Media and handed out awards to several artists.

SLCC President Deneece Huftalin chose Randall Forbush’s “Light Bulbs” oil painting for the President’s Award, which comes with a $1,000 prize. The college also purchased Forbush’s piece to include in its collection on display throughout the institution’s campuses.

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Community Roundtable is SLCCTV's public affairs show. Timely and topical, the program has covered a wide variety of subjects with an array of guests including Senators, Congressmen, celebrities and newsmakers.

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An acoustic coffee house from your easychair! Brewin' Bistro showcases popular singer-songwriters from around the Salt Lake Valley to around the world.

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